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Products & Services

Our warehouse is full of the finest products offered from our world renowned suppliers. When you’re looking for quality and service, or that quick-turnaround has you scrambling, give us a call. We can get you what you need, when you need it. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Accuply Multi-Purpose Lamination Products
Accuply 10 Laminating Release Film & Accuply Conformal Release Product

All4PCB A state of the art PCB process equipment supplier with a global team of experienced industry veterans. They are a resourceful partner for both spare parts and equipment service. A growing consumable line card consists of products like San-ei Non-Conductive Via-Hole Filling Pastes and Yamauchi Re-usable Lamination Pads.

AlFoils A Converter & Distributor of Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel& Other Thin Gauge Metals. Solid .005 Aluminum Drill Entry Foil is most commonly used for PCB small hole drilling.

Beck A supplier of clean, high grade Solid Aluminum Drill Entry and Lamination Separator Sheets. Material thickness ranges from .007 to .015 in 36” & 42” x 48” sheet or specific panel size form.

Current A supplier of black and blue coloured Unclad & Copper Clad FR4 Materials for Aerospace and LED applications. All materials are custom manufactured in North America with quick-turn capability.

Global Is a reliable source of those hard-to-find products for the PCB and Plastics Industries. Products include Entry and Backer for your Drill Room, Composite CCL, First Article materials, and Industrial Grade Unclad FR4 materials.

Industrial Brush Corporation Industrial Brush Corporation (IBC) specializes in the design and manufacture of Pumice and Deburr brushes for the PCB industry.

NGS National Graphic Supply is a nationwide distributor specializing in Fuji Silver Plotter Phototool Films, Folex & NGS brand Diazo Films, and the related Processing Chemicals. Other supporting products for the imaging department include Silver Film & Diazo Film Processors. With 9 warehouses and 8 Technical Specialists, NGS offers the highest level of technical support in the PCB industry for phototool applications.

OakMitsui Oak-Mitsui is a North American based manufacturer of high quality Electro-Deposited Copper Foils for the Printed Circuit Board Industry. Products include ABC – Aluminum Bonded Copper & High Temp Elongation Sheeted Copper Foil for most multilayer applications. MHT Treated Foil is also available for increased peel strength applications in Polyimide materials. Copper Foil is available from 1/4oz (9 micron) through to 6oz in weight. Specialty foils for Flex Circuits and Ultra Thin are also available.

SDI SDI provides everything for that Clean Room Environment, such as cleaning systems, supplies, and solutions for the PCB Industry. Hand Tacky Rollers, Adhesive Cleaning Pads & Rollers, and Contact Panel Cleaning Machines are just some of the vast array of item that SDI supplies.

Ventec Ventec is a world leader in the production of high quality and high performance Copper Clad Laminates and Prepregs. Products include standard FR4 and Lead Free Assembly, Polyimide, and IMS materials. With 7 distribution locations across the US and Canada as well and a quick-turn press facility, no other is better equipped and stocked to service the requirements of the North American PCB Industry.